Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Still giving it a go

Hi well I have sent traffic and posted my links everywhere. I have gotten a few list members but no sales :( .....

This is hard. But click bank pirate has lots of videos of training. I have learnd a lot just being a member. Please read First post to sign up. Thanks for your time. Please if you are using click bank leave a comment on how much you make. I would like to hear from someone who makes it.

Thanks pollyjean

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hello to online people who would like to make money.

I have Been a member of Clickbank Pirate For 3 months. I have not sold a membership to clickbank pirate YET. But Clickbank Pirate help me make 2 sales on Clickbank. Here are my stats. I have sent a lot of traffic. I just need to figure out how to target it better. Please post any questions. And if you sign up under me I will promote your link until you get a referral. FOr more information on Clickbank Pirate and Clickbank please see previous post. Thanks pollyjean

Squeeze Page Tracking Stats For 'Clickbank Pirate'

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Tracking Id Hits Conv %
No Tracking ID 1994 2 0.10 Reset
cac 12035 1 0.01 Reset
cacemail 1505 1 0.07 Reset
easy 115 0 0.00 Reset
sasFban 5 0 0.00 Reset
sass 411 0 0.00 Reset
sassy 611 0 0.00 Reset
tpro 701 0 0.00 Reset
twdm 36 0 0.00 Reset
twdmThanks 16 0 0.00 Reset
Total 17429 4 %
Statistics For: cbpirate.com (Reset All)

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Tracking Id Hits Conv %
No Tracking ID 46 1 2.17 Reset
fresh 508 0 0.00 Reset
Total 554 1 %

This is just one of the cool benefits of Joining Clickbank Pirate. AND ALL THE FREE TRAINING.



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome To my adventure on trying to make money online.


I have tried all the free programs and do make some money. So I thought I would give a paid one a try. And this is the one I picked. Click bank Pirate... This is a program that helps you step by step to making money using A site Called Clickbank

More info on Click bank Pirate
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Please check back for more info.

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